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State of the onion: Peeling away data behind agri exports brings tears to the eyes

The humble onion, without which Indian kitchen and its cuisine is incomplete, is inducing tears across the country on account of shortage (due to inclement weather) and consequent high prices. For a change, it is also proving to be a tearjerker in the neighbourhood.

Source : The Times Of India   |   Published on : 07-Oct-2019

With Indian exports picking up faster than global trends the economy is all set to get big boost

The continued pickup in exports for the fifth continuous month, with flows going up by 4.3% in January 2017, indicates that the fall in global trade in recent years has finally bottomed out. India's exports had also been badly hit by the international trends with exports declining for 18 consecutive months till May 2016.

Source : The Times of India   |   Published on : 16-Feb-2017

Food Revolution: India's packaged food has a global potential

India's traditional snacks, it turns out, are making huge inroads and even poised to overtake western ones, in the country's packaged food market. If this deserves only two cheers, it is because desi snacks should be ruling shop shelves not just in India but across the world.

Source : The Times of India   |   Published on : 10-Feb-2017

India's free trade agreement with Asean has only had a limited impact

India has concluded almost a dozen free agreements since the turn of the millennium. Though the early agreements were the immediate neighbors the country has gradually extended the partnerships to more distant nations including the Association of South East Nations, South Korea and Japan.

Source : Times of India   |   Published on : 09-Feb-2017

Despite recovery India's export gains fall far behind that of the competition

Export growth has picked up in last few months from 4.66% in September to 9.6% in October,However it slipped t 2.3% in November and then recovered to 5.7% in December.

Source : The Times of India   |   Published on : 16-Jan-2017

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