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Is India losing old International business & regional relationship?

In recent months with the ongoing problem at borders with Pakistan, trade volumes with Pakistan have come to halt affecting lives of many across both the nations.
Similarly with China, India to strengthen its domestic industry nearly boycotted Chinese products especially at the time of main Indian buying festival of Diwali. Even Indian politician came into open support of the move closely watched by China. Now the position is China is too taking a lot of different routes to stop Indian product imports to its territory affecting Indian industry and business in a big way.
Russia in recent weeks has shown interested in enhancing trade with neighboring countries. The move can be justified as Russia got permission from Pakistan  to use Gwadar port for business. Russia even showed interest in the USD 46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which may even accelerate tension in POK region and impact India badly.

With the recent currency demonization in India, other neighboring countries like Nepal are also worried as their citizens are having a good amount of money in Indian currency which is further accelerating tension and will surely affect trade in the long run.

Published on : 27-Nov-2016

Is Government dynamic moves hurting business sentiments

In the changing Global scenario where major changes are taking place more rapidly than ever before is been seen as a tough time for business across global. Major shift in export destinations, protectionism policies across global powers is working professional, companies operation Globally.

Published on : 22-Nov-2016

India's Urgent Commodity, Product International Branding Needs

Keeping increasing reluctant to imports by major Developed and importing countries. India need to focus primarily on branding its products and commodity as per International & Country Specific market to get better market access, revenue and premium for its product and services.

India, a rapidly growing nation with a versatile product range and services have a wide range of products which can fetch high premium if their marketing is done properly by the Government and high quality parameters are set during time of production. Sharing an example here, India is one of the biggest producer and exporter of quality Basmati rice but due to low International branding Basmati rice is mainly treated as a commodity and price of the same mainly revolve around the Demand and Supply factor of few importing nations.

If you see the price variation of 1 kg 1121 Steam Basmati rice in last three years you can see a peak of INR 135 (USD 2) and bottom of around INR 48 (USD 0.73). From here you can see the price difference Farmers, Growers, Miller, Trader, Exporter, Importer have experienced in such a small time frame. Even one can imagine a major change in Country rice export values due to such high price volatility and the loss to the economy.

India is one of the major nation who produce quality Basmati rice in such volumes and quality and if branded of rice is done properly we can get more markets to sell our rice which will help in increasing India economy.

We need to list down product we need to Brand in International markets, use Digital marketing to best, arrange product awareness across borders through different modes in a big to get premium for our products and help Indian growing economy in a big way by increasing exports.

Published on : 09-Oct-2016

Think out of the Box (non-traditional products) to increase Indian exports

To increase exports from India, Indian Government & concern departments should explore exports of non- traditional products and services which can be market and sold on International grounds.

In the initial phase, Government should offer incentives such as less tax or tax exemptions on such goods in order to keep these products competitive on the global market front.

Further, Government should share benefits of exports to manufacturers and small companies located in small cities & town, support them with right logistic channel, marketing channel enabling them to start their own exports.

As Government have one of the best logistic channel under their control- Railways, they can even explore ways like discounting Logistics for exports of products from interior location like North India to make these product more competitive in International markets.

Also the young working force needs to be timely educated on the good export practices and export quality management for a long term growth in International business.

Published on : 01-May-2016

Importance of International Trade

Trade between people, companies, countries and economies is the key mean to fight against poverty and make a better World for all.

In recent times, due to cold economic wars between nations by names like terrorism, recession, currency, commodity price wars have resulted in big fall in International trade figures and created uncertainty in the Global market. These days most of the countries either do not want to import or import things with high Government benefits.

Due to current changing scenario, a big loss can be easily seen for developing countries which are not getting right product value as availability of product is huge with few takers from International markets. With high population part working in manufacturing, agriculture division or dependent of Naturally available commodities (like crude oil) these countries are the biggest suffers, as the people here do not get the right amount for their hard work in jobs or for the grown agriculture products due to which they feel harder to survive and are even forced to put their children in low labor jobs which result in country low education background and lately Country remain developing or under Developed for years.

Playing such games Developed countries with huge money in their pockets are always in profit as they get good time to invest in these stressed economies, bargain better for their requirements, and get good returns on amount lended to these economies as help in tough time, cheaper commodity prices for their markets.

Only 10-15% of World population comes from Developed economy whereas rest 70-75% comes from developing economy & 10-20% comes from least developed countries i.e decreasing international trade will result major loss to Developing and Under Developing economies, resulting in making them poorer and depressive.

Published on : 28-Apr-2016